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Barack Obama And Prince Charles: Two Green Peas In A Thin-Skinned Pod

by | 26th, November 2010

SO, which US leader is the most stupid? This is big question in the media since Sarah Palin called North Korea a friend of The US. She responded to her error (and, yes, she know she had made one) with a witty address based on Barack Obama’s litany of verbal rickets.

The media is so biased that in today’s Independent readers get the “great American gaffe-off”, pitting Sarah Palin against George Bush. What, no Bill Clinton, a man who didn’t even know what “sexually relations” meant? No Joe Biden, the current VP, the man who told wheelchair bound Missouri Senator Chuck Graham to stand up to be recognized at a rally. “Chuck, stand up, let the people see you,” said Joe.

What, no Back Obama, the man who called her a “pig” and once attempted to enter the White House through a window?

The overriding impression of someone in the UK looking at the Race for Stupidity is that Americans don’t vote for brainiacs or people too clever by half. They like their leader to be not-too-bright, photogenic and folksy.

It, of course, should be noted that the President is the head of state. Our head of state is the Queen, a sharp woman with no formal qualifications. But in misogynistic America, no woman will be leader. In America, Prince Charles would be King. That hypocritical, frequent-flying, greeny poltroon Charles would be Obama’s meeter and greeter.

Special relationship. More like special needs. And if you think that’s crass and offensive, take it up with Obama. It’s his joke

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