Anorak News | Mugshot Of The Day: Art Taylor Cocaine Face

Mugshot Of The Day: Art Taylor Cocaine Face

by | 2nd, December 2010

MUGSHOT of the day belongs to Art Taylor, an 18-year-old nicked in Framingham, Mass, for not signalling. Art, allegedly, had drugs in his car – a bag of cocaine – which he swallowed.

Says police Spokesperson Ron Brandolini:

He made a quick movement to the center console, and there was small baggie with a white powder in it. He immediately made a movement to put it in his mouth.”

What makes you think it was the good stuff..?

Art was charged with assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, and not indicating. He escaped the drugs charge. Which may also account for his expression

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MUGSHOT T-Shirt of The Day is worn by Timothy Neal, who along with his 18-year-old sons, Timothy Wade Neal and Daniel Allan Neal, was arrested at a Memorial Day weekend bonfire for fighting. The police report: “The victim had been talking about religion and demons when the other three became upset and started whipping up on him.”

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