Anorak News | ASBO Prevents Man From Playing Dead In Blackburn

ASBO Prevents Man From Playing Dead In Blackburn

by | 7th, December 2010

MUGSHOT of the day belongs to Derek Francis Sergeant, 51, of Shadsworth House, Dunoon Drive, Blackburn, Lancashire. Mr Sergeant has taken to laying in the road pretending to have suffered a heart attack.

He failed to arrive at Blackburn Magistrates’ Court, where those that did bother to turn up heard that between March and September 2010 he made 35 calls to the North West Ambulance Service.

This does not include the calls made by concerned members of the public show saw Sergeant prone and called 999.

These powers that be say that this costs the public money. Public funds must not be wasted. So. It’s off to court.

The Beak listened and awarded Mr Sergeant a five-year ASBO.

Before the ASBO, Mr Sergeant was not allowed to swear and scream at ambulance staff, dial 999 (except in an emergency), or be drunk in public.

Now, after the ASBO, he still can’t do those things. But he now has a piece of paper to remind him that can’t do it.

Isn’t the law magic…


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