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Ireland Relocates to Brussels: Budget Protest Photos

by | 8th, December 2010

IN Ireland memories are long and bloody. The Irish government has won the first parliament vote on its 2011 austerity budget. But the people are far from settled. Outside Leinster House, Dublin, Protestors and Gardai clashed. These interesting times in Ireland.

Some irony, readers, in that on the day Ireland passed the Budget, and approved the €85bn bailout, Iceland announced that it was out of recession. Yep, that is Iceland that allowed the banks to fail and its currency to be devalued. Iceland survives. Ireland goes for the big loan and props up the failed banks.

One other key difference: Iceland’s PM resigned. Ireland’s leaders cling on to power. And if you relaly want to puke:

The Government has no plans to replace the Gulfstream jet, which it says is at the end of its operational lifespan.

The smaller remaining Learjet will continue to be used by ministers travelling to Europe on Government business.

Why not just set up home in Brussels and save on the airfare..?


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Crowds gather to voice their opposition at Leinster House in Dublin this evening after the most severe Budget in the history of the state.

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