Anorak News | Who Stole Ronnie Biggs’ Piggy Bank Money?

Who Stole Ronnie Biggs’ Piggy Bank Money?

by | 9th, December 2010
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RONNIE Biggs has had the ton of cash he keeps in his piggy bank stolen. Well, so he believes. He’s not told the gangsters and the mob to get the word out on the street. Biggs lives in a care home, where the streets are lino-plated corridors and the word needs to be shouted lest the blaggers, saggers and do-not-resuscitators not hear.

The Sun then delivers a fantastic line in pure tabloidese:

“Ronnie kept all his cash in there to keep it safe. He thinks someone got wise to his hiding place.”

Got wise? Such is the parlance of the villain in 1950s America, and now a Barnet care home. And what a great hiding place for money a piggy bank makes. Had only he thought of it in 1963, when all that Great Train robbery cash was being stuffed in jam jars.

So. The hunt is on. Who dared steal the Train Robbers cash? Tell us now – or save it for the book…

Anorak looks back at Biggs in pictures and crimes:

August 1963 – Biggs marks his 34th birthday by takign part in the robbery of the London to Glasgow mail train, stealing £2.6m (£50m in today’s money).


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