Anorak News | Bank Robber Walks Into Gaol For Free Drinks

Bank Robber Walks Into Gaol For Free Drinks

by | 10th, December 2010

THANKS to Southampton-based bank robber Christopher Allnut you need no longer wonder what to say to the cashier when on a job. Allnut, 42, walked into a branch of Barclays Bank Winchester and addresses Wendy Grocott:

“Good morning, I’m here to rob you today. “Give me £5,000 and I will f*** off. Do not keep me waiting or I will shoot.”

It worked. He got the cash. Well, just £1,600. He then made his daring getaway. He strode 40 yards to the Old Gaol House pub and having tossed some cash into the air declared: “The drinks are on me.”

He is soon captured with £600 cash. In court, Allnut is sent to a mental hospital with Judge Keith Cutler’s words ringing in his ears:

“[The money went into] the grateful arms of those sitting in the pub.”

Arms? We’ll have what he’s on…

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