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Shrien Dewani: The Family Meets The Media On a Bristol Driveway

by | 11th, December 2010

SHRIEN Dewani: The press pack are massing on the private driveway at Mr Dewani’s family home in Westbury on Trym, Bristol. The Dewani family is massed before them. Is this a show of unity? It looks odd, doesn’t it?

Mr Dewani is a suspect in the murder of Anni Dewani, his new wife. He denies any wrongdoing.

Max Clifford is handling the media on behalf of Mr Dewani. But does it need handling? Is this display on the driveway meant to tell us something?

The media can try a figure in the public arena but it cannot convict. And if the media gets out of line, then Mr Dewani has legal protection. He can sue for libel. So, why does he employ a media handler? This is a legal matter, surely. Such a display on the driveway only fuels the fires of gossip. Mr Dewani and his family are giving us more reason to stare. Do they want us to look?

Meanwhile, in South Africa, there is much speculation.

South African National Commissioner General Bheki Cele, having called Dewani a monkey and pointed the finger, says the police are investigating if there is a link between Shrien Dewani and the 2007 murder of Dr Pox Raghavje in South Africa.

We know of no link other than that the police are looking for one. We know it because Cele tells reporters. And the reporters tell readers tuning in. And the armchair detectives settle in for a heated debate.

All we know is that Anni Dewani is dead. Zola Tongo had a hand in her murder. He got 18 years jail in a rapid-fire justice system. Tongo also got seven year off his sentence by entering a plea bargain in which he alleged that Mr Dewani hired him to play a part in Anni’s death. ( Read his statement in full here.)

And that is all…


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