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Balaclavas: Crossover Student Demo Fashion (A Gallery)

by | 13th, December 2010

BALACLAVAS. Do you take a view? The item of clothing was once the reserve of Arctic explorers, men busting through patio doors to interrupt scenes of domestic bliss, boys whose mums worried about face chill and the Provisional IRA. Then Lewis Hamilton started to wear one beneath his helmet and they got trendy.

The student demos were notable for the balaclavas worn under helmets by the police and under hoodies by the more agitated demonstrators. Plain black was the order of the day. But why not embrace fashion in your choice of facewear? Anorak’s Michael Kritharis has been on the mean streets of Hampstead. He’s pulled together a gallery of the most on-trend balaclavas. These are what the cool kids will be wearing in 2011 – albeit the ones with hot faces and acne…


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