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Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly: A Life In Photos

by | 13th, December 2010

WHAT do we know about Taimour Abdulwahab al- Abdaly, the man who blew himself up in a terrorist attack on Stockholm? The Iraqi-born bomber set fire to his car. He then strapped a bomb and nails to his body and went for walk in Stockholm. His bomb blew up before he could immerse himself in a big crowd.

He was born in Baghdad, Iraq.

He was 28, although some source say he was 29.

He moved to Tranås, Sweden in 1992.

Tranås resident Jean Jalabian tells Expressen:

He drank alcohol and had girlfriends. It’s really strange that he would do something like that.”

He moved to the UK in 2001.

He lived in Luton where he studied sport therapy graduate at Bedfordshire University.

He was 5ft 3in (source: dating site profile).

He weighed 14.6 stone (source: see above).

He married to Umm Amira, aka Mona Thwany in 2004.

She runs Amira Make-up and Hair.

My name is Umm Amira and I am one of the only Arabic Makeup Artists in Luton, Bedfordshire. With many years experience in make up and beauty, together we can work to create the makeup look you desire for Your Special Day!

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I am relaxed and professional and I will make you feel like the “Amira” (Princess in Arabic) you are on Your Special Day!

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He had two girls and one son.

He was a Sunni Muslim.

He lived in Argyll Avenue, Luton.

Abdul Qadeer Baksh, chairman of an Islamic centre, also known as the Al Ghurabaa mosque, in Luton says:

“So one day, before the end of Ramadan, when the mosque was full I directly challenged all his misinterpretations of Islam. He just stood up and stormed out. We never saw him again – but I heard he’d gone to the Islamic Society at the university and continued to preach his extremist views.”

So. You told the cops:

Despite the clashes, Baksh said it was not for him to report Abdaly to the police or security services.“It’s the police’s job, the intelligence service’s job to follow these people up, not ours.”

That’s the spirit. So, Luton rejected him?

Wahab became interested in radical Islam in the town just north of London, where he met his wife, reportedly the same age as him and also a Swedish citizen. “He got to know an Egyptian imman at the mosque in Luton,” a friend of the family told Expressen, adding that during his time there “he became another person. It’s hard to say how. He changed and became more restrictive.”

Back In Sweden:

Neighbour Massood Akhtar says:

“It is a very closely knit community but in this particular instance he was only living here for about three or four months, that’s all. All the other houses know each other very well and have been living closely by for some time but this individual didn’t have any contact with people.”

In an email to his family he wrote:

“I never travelled to the Middle East to work or earn money, I went there for jihad….Tell them that Daddy loves them.”

The tape:

An audio file sent to Swedish news agency TT shortly before the blast referred to jihad, saying: ‘Now the Islamic state has been created. We now exist here in Europe and in Sweden. We are a reality. I don’t want to say more about this. Our actions will speak for themselves.’

The photos:


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Qadeer Baksh, Chairman of Luton Islamic centre in Luton, Bedfordshire, after speaking to the media about Taimour Abdulwahab al- Abdaly who attended Luton Islamic centre in Luton for a short time.

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