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Coco Austin Is Anorak’s Woman Of the Year

by | 26th, December 2010

COCO Austin is Anorak’s Woman of The Year. (Image: that’s her Christmas card.)  She will most likely be Anorak’s woman of the next year to come. Coco is on Twitter dishing it to those who say she’s too big to be a mo-del:

To all these Glamour Magazines that R hating on me. Eat your heart out!Sorry that I’m too thick for you

Naked thin women are fashionable; sexy curvy women are pitiful. Well, so goes the mantra. She then sums up the fashion press: they need those hate figures:

Glamour Magazine always puts me down yet they use good pics of me.Kinda confused?As Ice would say”They need to eat a hot bowl of dicks!”

Coco knows what she’s all about:

Its seems like ever since Anna Nicole Smith passed I’ve been taking all her flack in publicity.Like u always need someone to laugh,right?

The buxom blonde has spoken:


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