Anorak News | Lee Harvey Oswald’s Coffin Sold For $56,000: JFK Is Missing

Lee Harvey Oswald’s Coffin Sold For $56,000: JFK Is Missing

by | 18th, December 2010

ANYONE who wants to be like Lee Harvey Oswald can now do so as the coffin that housed him for 20 years goes up for auction. Oswald infamously killed J F Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Or did he? There was a rumour that JFK was actually shot by Grassy Knoll or someone else.

But Oswald scored his place in history. And now you can get your place where Oswald once was. Or you could have. The coffin has been sold for £56,000.

But fret ye not. You may get another chance to own an Oswald box. Oswald was re-boxed in the 1980s, his remains have in been exhumed in October 1981. Them, Oswald’s widow Marina wanted the body to prove or disprove a theory that a Russian agent had been buried in her husband’s place. But test revealed that the remains in the box were Oswald’s.

When the second coffin is dug up to test a theory that Oswald was actually Lord Lucan, ghouls can bid again…


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The son of the late American President John F Kennedy, John Jr (L) with his cousin Anthony (R) in London for the inauguration of the memorial to the late John Kennedy at Runnymede, near windsor.

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