Anorak News | Wikileaks: Did Julian Assange Write Cables To Help US Invade Yemen?

Wikileaks: Did Julian Assange Write Cables To Help US Invade Yemen?

by | 20th, December 2010

BEFORE Yemen can be invaded, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrived at Beccles police station, Suffolk, as part of his bail conditions. He has taken to wearing a cape. His knickers are still inside his trousers. But there is danger in reading your own press. And it is Assange’s press. He operates as the Guardian’s editor at large, holding up the paper in news conferences as proof of… Well, what? That he is being listened to? That journalists are lazy? If they sign the confidentiality agreement and, maybe, donate cash, then they get the Wikileaks cables.

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The theory is that the cables are delivered and the proper writers then get to work on validating the massages revealed. Only, they don’t. They just pump them out as fact. Were any cables planted? Did Assange write a cable to see if the reporters were doing their jobs? Does he say Wikileaks led to the deaths of 1300 people and claiming ClimateGate as his own to see how it flies?

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Today’s Guardian front page tells us that radioactive stuff in Yemen might not be that well protected. A US official told the CIA and the State Department that only CCTV protected the depot housing old hospital equipment and other stuff.

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The Guardian tells us that Yemen is home to Al-Qaida in the Arab Peninsula. Yemen is where Nigerian-born Detroit bomber, panties bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was radicalised. Yemen is from where packages were posted containing bombs back in October.

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The cable says the Yemen government should be encouraged “to remove all materials from the country until they can be better secured, or immediately improve security measures at the NAEC facility”.

Matthew Bunn, a former White House science adviser who specialises in nuclear threat and terrorism, said: “Holy cow. That’s a big source. If dispersed by terrorists it could make a very nasty dirty bomb capable of contaminating a wide area.”

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The final word is:

Very little now stands between the bad guys and Yemen’s nuclear material.”

Radioactive isotopes became “nuclear material”.

Who knew? Well, you all do. Although Karen McVeigh winds her neck in a little to note:

The isotopes are not explosive themselves, unlike nuclear material such as uranium. Although unlikely to kill a large number of people, such a device could cause tremendous damage and disruption by creating large no-go areas contaminated by radioactivity.

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And for anyone looking for a conspiracy theory, here’s another one: the cables was planted by the US and Assange to make it more understandable for the US to seize control of Yemen… Maybe.

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