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The BBC Laughs At The Man-made Global Warming Myth

by | 20th, December 2010

YOU know the manmade global warming argument is lost when the BBC broadcast comics laughing at the media-led narrative. The underused Alexander Armstrong and his partner Ben Miller have spotted the problem.

Although a commenter on Stephen Goddard’s blog notes:

Ben Miller (the guy in the sketch), is a bit of an eco activist. He said recently:

“What we really mean by ‘saving the planet’, of course, is ‘saving the humans’. I’m not sure we deserve it. For a start, we did the damage in the first place. And what’s so great about us anyway? …after we are extinct, some future species may industrialise, overpopulate and make exactly the same mistakes all over again. The ultimate irony is that we will just be lumps of fossil fuel for those numpties to burn.”

Time to get cremated before it’s too late, readers…

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