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Madeleine McCann: Missing People, Missing Rights And Money

by | 24th, December 2010

ANNIE Brown would like to tell Daily Record readers that Madeleine McCann’s aunt Patricia Cameron has joined the charity Missing People.

Missing People sounds important and worthwhile. But you would be hard pressed to find news of it in this story. This is a Christmas story about Our Maddie, the innocent child eaten alive by voracious press in a single thread tale that has no sign of closure.

In the piece we hear the name Madeleine mentioned 15 times. The charity gets five mentions. The child gets six more pension in a timeline of events. And then Gerry and Kate McCann are mentioned ten times by name; five more in the timeline.

Says Patricia:

“It is so hard to watch Kate and Gerry push themselves constantly. When Madeleine first went missing, family and friends had to step in to help them pay the mortgage. Money is constantly tight but they have to keep going. They will never give up looking and that costs money. Families of the missing still need to pay bills while they search but there is no right to any financial help.”

Anyone who has followed this story will know that people who cared gave money to the Madeleine McCann Fund. As for the Missing Person charity, we can tell you a bit about its Missing Rights campaign:

If your house is burgled you are automatically offered emotional, practical and legal support. If your child goes missing you may get nothing. We are calling on the Government to give families of missing people the same basic rights as victims of crime.

A brief history:

Following the high profile disappearance of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh from Fulham in July 1986, two sisters Janet Newman and Mary Asprey, found the National Missing Persons Helpline,


In May 2007 the charity relaunched as ‘Missing People’. This reflected the considerable strategic developments that had been made and the fact that that the charity now provided a range of services rather than a single helpline. Also in May, less than one week after her disappearance, missing three-year-old Madeleine McCann had become headline news around the globe. The charity did all it could to assist the search and continues to do so. On International Missing Children’s Day (25 May) an appeal by the charity was projected onto Marble Arch to highlight Madeleine’s disappearance and the plight of missing children across the UK.

Madeleine McCann is not the face of the missing – she is the benchmark of the missing against whom all others pale…


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