Anorak News | TSA Spots An ‘Anomaly’ In Kurtis Blow’s Knickers

TSA Spots An ‘Anomaly’ In Kurtis Blow’s Knickers

by | 29th, December 2010

THE TSA isn’t just groping you before your travel in the US – it’s taking your marijuana. Not only do TSA reps get to feel up a stranger in public, but they also get free drugs. Once they caught a man truing to smuggle on pouches of alcohol hidden his pants.

At LAX, music star Kurtis Blow passed through the porno-scanner which spotted an “anomaly” in his knickers. It turned out to be some marihuana. It was confiscated and Blow was fined. In paid groper circles this is know as a “good catch”.

And America slept that little bit easier…

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