Anorak News | Environmentalist Burning Toilet Paper Caused Israel Fires: Greenpeace Blames Coal

Environmentalist Burning Toilet Paper Caused Israel Fires: Greenpeace Blames Coal

by | 15th, January 2011

THAT huge fire in Israel was blamed on man-made global warming. No proof was needed. The greens just knew. Greenpeace issued a press release.

Greenpeace wishes to emphasize that this fire is a direct expression of the effects of climate change and global warming which threaten us all.  Climate change is already here and it is taking a heavy human toll!

Israel must take this warning sign seriously and take immediate measures in order to eradicate the effects of climate change.  Israel must cancel its plans to construct another coal plant, reduce use of fossil fuels, and realize that we are dealing with an international struggle.

Only. It wasn’t global warming.

This fire had a a strength we’ve never seen before. We have to link it to global warming,” Yisrael Tauber, a forest manager for the Jewish National Fund land conservation organization said.


Forest Fires in Israel Confirm Climate Change Predictions

The inferno that started on December 2, 2010 and burned for four days was exactly the kind of event they had predicted, says Pe’er, and, unfortunately, a taste of what’s in store not just for Israel, but for the entire Mediterranean region.

The Jerusalem Post has an update:

The cause of this particular fire was, sadly enough, the good intentions of a participant in the Rainbow Festival that was being held at the site. For ecological reasons, she burned toilet paper she had used so as not to leave it in nature, and in normal circumstances, that would have been the thing to do. However, due to the strong winds and the unseasonable hot air, the dry grasses caught on fire immediately, and the fire spread in four different directions simultaneously.

Wonder if the Rainbow Warrior used a gas lighter to burn her paper?

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