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Stephen Fry’s GPS Masterclass Will Keep You Stupid

by | 18th, January 2011

STEPHEN Fry tunes into the voiceover in his head and tells viewers of his QI show that GPS works like this:

“You send a signal from your GPS device. You’ve got to be at least three, usually four or five satellites – that receive your signal. And the difference in time it takes to get from one satellite to the other to the other, which is milliseconds, allows them to calculate your position to within 10 metres.”

Er, no.

But Fry is talking in his voiceover fashion. And because he likes gadgets he’s a media expert on technology.

A reader writes:

I’m new to the forum and was wondering if anyone had suggested to Stephen to use the Jeeves voice on GPS. I would love to hear Jeeves ‘if I could suggest a right turn, sir’ , ‘if I could suggest, sir, an alternate route?’

If I could some research…

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