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Anti-Paedophile App Keeps Mobile Phone Users Safe As Houses

by | 24th, January 2011

THANKS to Child Defence you kidz will be safe from paedos and any adult who lies about their age. (Are you really 39, mum? Still 39, mum?) Child Defence is not a league of righteousness folks, rather an app that analysis language to generate an age profile.

Use of the terms “daddy-o”, “marzipan” and “Gary Glitter is the Leader” will cause the man pretending to be a teenage boy to be exposed.

Says Child Defence project leader James Walkerdine, from his base at Lancaster University:

“This software improves children’s chances of working out that something isn’t right. Parents told us they would much prefer to see software solutions that empowered and educated their children to help them protect themselves.”

Parents can also educate themselves by loggin into teenage discussion forums and getting down with the go-ahead language. But they must not use the language lest they look like a clean shirt and are shopped by their own kids to the fuzz…

Meanwhile, let’s hunt gays.

Spotter: Karen

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