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St Julian Assange Used To Love Sweden, Then

by | 16th, February 2011

JULIAN Assange: Natalie Rothschild looks at how the Wikileaks founder has turned on Sweden, the country he once loved. What happened?

JULIAN Assange and his legal team have decided to play on a kind of Superman/secular Jesus image, presenting the Wikileaks founder as the victim of a global crusade against a bringer of truth and upholder of justice. Two major forces are conspiring to nail him, they suggest: misandrist Sweden and superpower America.

Assange and his lawyers effectively turned the magistrates’ court into a kind of phantasmagoria, projecting images of Sweden as a banana republic where Assange will be tried for ‘sex by surprise’ by man-hating prosecutors before being taken away by CIA agents, ready to force him into an orange jumpsuit and whisk him off to Guantanamo Bay or even put him on death row.

Before the sex charges, Assange had a very different view of Sweden. He had been promised a column in the tabloid Aftonbladet and planned to seek Swedish citizenship. He praised Sweden for its openness, transparency and high degree of protection for whistleblowers. This, after all, is the country that spawned Pirate Bay and Banhof, the company that hosts Wikileaks’ servers in a nuclear-proof bunker.

Oh, how things have changed. Now, Assange sees Sweden as ‘the Saudi Arabia of feminism’. And his celebrity backers agree, lining up to accuse Sweden of being a global bully. Leftie war reporter John Pilger said Sweden ‘should be ashamed’. Feminist writer Naomi Wolf wrote a letter to Interpol, accusing Sweden of acting as a ‘global dating police’ (apparently with no sense of irony). Bumbling filmmaker Michael Moore wrote a letter to the Swedish government accusing it of ‘cynically and disgustingly using the real and everyday threat that exists against women everywhere to help further the American government’s interest in silencing the work of Wikileaks’. – Read on…

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