Anorak News | Prince Andrew To Job Share With Prince Edward

Prince Andrew To Job Share With Prince Edward

by | 7th, March 2011

WHO would have guessed that Prince Andrew, a man with reputation for a being a womanising freeloader with a sticking balls in holes would end up embroiled in a scandal?

Someone decided that the trade envoy needed to be a royal.

Prince Edward was many people’s preferred choice but then it was pointed out that guns outsold embroidery thread by a fact of 10 to one, and he was out.

Princess Anne was another obvious choice but failed the Government’s lap-dancing test – unless it formed part of the dressage programme, she wouldn’t do it nor watch it. Representations were made to the IOC but it was to no avail.

Prince Charles was the third operation. Keen to sell fair trade fighter planes and wind-powered trains, Charles was not without his merits. Also, as a famed adulterer, he could be entertained on a budget. And hypocrisy would not be an issue.

But then Andrew said he’d do it. And with basket full of a Burberry scarves, snow globes of Big Ben and photos of Koo Stark in her pomp he walked on to the golf course and swung for Britain…

Photo: The Duke of York meets pupils at Little Ilford School in east London today where he saw projects from the Young Engineers Club.

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