Anorak News | Prince Andrew Is Spanked: Sarah Ferguson Claims Jeffrey Epstein Abused Her

Prince Andrew Is Spanked: Sarah Ferguson Claims Jeffrey Epstein Abused Her

by | 8th, March 2011

PRINCE Andrew: Having allegedly cupped the breast of a teenager called Virginia Roberts, who claims she was sexually abused by Andrew’s former friend Jeffery Epstein (they were pals as recently as last December), the Queen’s second son is in the mire. The news media reacts:

The Times (front page): “Fresh questions for Duke over links to Kazakhstan.”

The President of that country’s son, one Timur Kulibayev, bought the Duke’s £12m Sunninghill Park house for £3million over the asking price.

The paper says the place is blessed with “all the architectural charm of a Tesco superstore”. (Sarah Ferguson lives there.)

The deal was “secured” by Gaukhar Ashkenazi (aka Goga), a Kazakh socialite who earlier had accompanied Andrew to Ascot, where she met the Queen. Mr Kulibayev is the father of Goga’s son.

Hey it’s all about speculation, right? Speculate to accumulate.

The Prince is the UK’s “unpaid” trade envoy.

Did Kazakhstan hope the Prince would open doors to British business? If so, whose trade envoy is he?

Daily Mail (front page): “If only someone had spanked Andrew’s bottom when he was young – by Max Hastings”

Hasting does not say if he himself was beaten:

Beyond being a lonely man, he is unfortunately also a greedy one. He aspires to a first-class standard of living on an economy income: he never takes a car if a helicopter is quicker — even to the golf course. He chooses the company of crooks and tyrants who will entertain him in palaces rather than that of honest men who might expect him to carry his own bags upstairs.
All might have been different if, when he was younger, somebody had spanked his bottom and sent him to stand in the corner until he could learn to behave properly. He failed to acquire the vital lesson that being royal, far from conferring freedom to do as you like, imposes a duty to set an example.

Can his bottom be spanked now – in public?

Daily Telegraph (front page): “Ex-wife adds to Duke’s difficulties”

Well, yes. It was ever so.

The Telegraph catches up with yesterday’s news that Jeffery Epstein, the convicted sex criminal, gave Sarah Ferguson £15,000 to pay off her debts.

Says Fergie:

“I personally, on behalf of myself, deeply regret that Jeffrey Epstein became involved in any way with me.”

Yep, not me with him. Him with me. Fergie is the passive victim in all this.

“I abhor paedophilia and any sexual abuse of children and know that this was a gigantic error of judgment on my behalf.”

So. She knew he was paedo and still took his cash? And when this became public knowledge she said it was an “error”.

“I am just so contrite I cannot say. Whenever I can I will repay the money and will have nothing ever to do with Jeffrey Epstein ever again.”

Well, now that her debts have been paid off, why would she? It’s not like she’s going to pimp out members of her family is it? And, in any case, her daughters appear to be too old for Mr Epstein, allegedly…

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