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Japan’s Media Apocalypse: As Told By The Sun’s Virginia Wheeler

by | 18th, March 2011

JAPAN’S Media Apocalypse: Fear mongering with the Sun’s Virginia Wheeler.

The story is populated with photos of a few people wearing masks over their mouths. No date for the photos is given. The Japanese do wear masks to protect themselves from pollution and pollen. The suggestion is that the nuclear particles are the cause. But we can’t be certain why those in the photos are wearing masks. But we are told:

The Japanese news tells us radiation in Tokyo isn’t at harmful levels. But why would they tell us to wear masks otherwise?

Wheeler begins her story:

A BRITISH mum told last night of her terror trapped and starving in the eerie ghost town that is Tokyo after the tsunami.

Ghost town? Not quite. You can see a live cam of life in one bit of central Tokyo here.

Keely Fujiyama, 37, phoned The Sun to describe a city in fear of nuclear catastrophe – with streets deserted and food, water and fuel running out…

Deserted? Not so.

The mum of two said: “They fled and left us here to fry. I’m ashamed to call myself British.”

Keely is one woman stuck indoors. We hear from no others.

“I’m scared, and shaky with hunger and really, really tired. I’ve got two hungry children and just a few crisps, oranges and a can of tuna.”

It sounds terrible. It’s hard not to feel for her. But the story is odd.

She said: “We stay indoors, with the windows shut, except when my husband goes out to work or to try and find food.”

The husband goes to work – in the ghost town? What job does he do? We’re not told.

She uses the phone to get advice:

“I then rang the Foreign Office and got patched through to a crisis line man, who just told me to try and get on a plane. I kept telling him we can’t even get to the airport…”

So. No taxis? But the Daily Mail has a photo of a cabbie sat at the wheel and the caption:

Business is slow: A taxi driver reads a newspaper as he waits for a fare on an empty street

The street is bathed in darkness – indicating night. The driver is sat in a line of taxis – indicating that all cabbies are nuts and going out in the nuclear holocaust for kicks, or that they are expecting to get fares from people, or ghosts.

She ends:

“If I get out of Tokyo I want to go to America, Australia, anywhere. I have no faith in Britain any more. I don’t want to see my country ever again.”

You hear that? Britain is worse than nuclear-infested ghost town. Brrr…

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