Anorak News | Libya War New Round-Up: Gaddafi Is a Peado And We’re Running Out Of Pilots

Libya War New Round-Up: Gaddafi Is a Peado And We’re Running Out Of Pilots

by | 22nd, March 2011

LIBYA – war with Gaddafi: Anorak’s look at story in the news:


The House of Commons endorsed the action by a margin of 557 to 13 after the Prime Minister reassured them: “This is not going to be another Iraq.”

The front pages:

i: A licence to Kill Gaddafi?

Killing the leader of foreign country becomes matter of public debate.

The Independent: “The Disunited nations”

The Times: “Gaddafi uses human shields to foil attacks”

Daily Star: “Gadddafi’s human shelf of kids”

This is equipped with photo of Gaddafi stood behind two children, who are each holding what looks like a new toy. Tomorrow, look out for allegations that Gaddafi is a paedo, Muslim, gypsy, Asbo, benefits cheating scumbag. He’ll be wearing a Burberry baseball cap, wearing Argo gems and holding an angry dog on lead in the park by Friday.

Daily Mirror: “INHUMAN – Sick Gaddafi uses women and children to be human shields.”

Don’t shoot!

“Brit missiles blow up his HQ as attacks go on for third night”

Shoot! But use the bendy bullets to avoid the kidz.

Daily Mail: “Our Top General Shot Down By No.10”

Daily Telegraph: “Gaddafi: War of words over next phase”

Guardian: “Is Gaddafi a target? Cameron and military split over war aims.”

Metro: “Libya: the killer questions.” We see crosshairs over Gaddafi’s face.

If Gaddafi is not a target, what is the national interest in this war? And, er, if he is a target, what is the national interest in this war? Libya was a country where British people worked in British businesses. Gaddafi’s son lived in London, where he studied. If Gadadfi is the enemy, why didn’t the UK get him after he murdered 270 people over Lockerbie?

The Sun: “Gaddafi’s son Killed By Kamikaze”

Japanese soldiers have time to spare?

Daily Express: “Gaddafi’s son killed in jet suicide attack”

The Sun:

COLONEL Gaddafi suffered a devastating blow after his top-commander son was blown up and killed by a kamikaze Libyan pilot, it was claimed last night.

Bloodthirsty Khamis Gaddafi, 27, was said to have died from terrible burns after the strike on his Tripoli command and control headquarters.

Bloodthirsty? Not like the Sun then – see photo.

Is The Plan to Kill Gaddafi?

On Sunday, Dr Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, said that targeting Gaddafi personally “would potentially be a possibility” under the terms of the UN resolution. When the same question was put to General Sir David Richards, the Chief of the Defence Staff, yesterday, he replied: “Absolutely not. It is not allowed under the UN resolution and it is not something I want to discuss any further.”

Robert Fisk:

Despite all the confidence of D Cameron, Esq, I am not at all sure that Libya is going to end happily. Indeed, I’m not sure I know how it is going to end at all, although the vain and preposterous US attack on Gaddafi’s compound – almost identical to the one that was staged in 1986 and took the life of Gaddafi’s adopted daughter – demonstrated beyond any doubt that the intention of Obama is regime liquidation.

Eight Good Shots And The War Is Over

The RAF sacked pilots training to fly existing fast jets. Now it has been forced to ground pilots learning to fly the next generation of planes.

In a devastating report on waste and inefficiency in the MoD, parliament’s independent watchdog says a lack of spare parts has forced the RAF to cut the hours pilots need to learn to fly its new, long-delayed, fleet of Typhoon aircraft.

This has “increased flying risks”, it says, and as a result, the RAF now has just eight pilots capable of undertaking ground attack missions in a Typhoon.

“Whilst this is sufficient at present, it will not be so in the future,” warns the National Audit Office.



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An RAF Tornado aircraft takes off from RAF Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland, during a training exercise.

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