Anorak News | Libya War: Paedo King Gaddafi On Run From Murderous Americans With 40 Virgins

Libya War: Paedo King Gaddafi On Run From Murderous Americans With 40 Virgins

by | 23rd, March 2011

LIBYA – The War: Paedo King Gaddafi on run with 40 virgins. Anorak’s look at the war in the news:

The Independent (front page): “Bombed but not broken”

We see a man stood amid rubble. He is holding aloft a photo of Colonel Gaddafi in his youthful vigour. The message is clear: the Indy has a respect for Gaddafi’s fighters who are now, in the face of superior fire power, the rebels.

Daily Mirror (front page): “With friends like these”

We see the a picture of the crashed US fighter jet.

“After two US airmen bailed out form their jet over Libya, women and children rushed to save them. Their reward? A hail of bullets from an American rescue helicopter.”

Oh, what a bloody war. Whose side are we on?

The Metro also leads with this:

“Americans bomb and shoots helpers.”

When the going gets tough, how quickly we peel away from those aggressive Americans.

But, still, it will end well.

Daily Telegraph (front page): “Minister admits there is no exit strategy”

Or at least not one we are being told about. The Mail says the war could last “30 years”. Surely it will end with the death of Gaddafi? Where is the old rascal?

The Star (front page): “Gaddafi on run with 40 Virgins.”

Yesterday he was hiding behind kids? We joked that soon he would be billed as a paedo – something that would make us hate him. Now he’s with 40 virgins? Their ages are not given. But they might be children.

The Sun leads with news that Gaddafi is the “DEVIL DOG”.

Yep, we are at war with an evil paedo.

And you thought we were fighting because we were looking for credibility after the war in Iraq…


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Protesters against military action in Libya outside Downing Street, London.

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