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Delroy Grant: Photos, Depravity And Police Stupidity

by | 24th, March 2011

DELROY Grant raped and sexually assaulted elderly men and women over a period of at least 17 years. He raped for that long because he is depraved and the police failed to stop him.

He has been convicted of 29 crimes – 18 burglaries, three rapes, one attempted rape and seven indecent assaults. Victims were aged between 68 and 89. But the figure is likely to be higher. The Press Association give a figure of 500 victims. The media give him the romanticised name ‘The Night Stalker‘.

Delroy Grant worked as a minicab driver. He lived in the same south-east London area as his victims. Police traced his crimes back to 1992. They continued up to the night of his arrest in November 2009.

Police arrested him in a stake out. But they should have caught him earlier.

In 1999, they named him as a suspect. On 28 May 1999, Grant left his DNA at the scene of a burglary. Someone gave the police the number plate details of a car they had thought suspicious. It was Grant’s. But a detective confused him with a younger man of the same name. A DNA test was carried out on the wrong man. The man did not match. So. Grant was eliminated from the investigation.

Grant went on to commit at least 146 more offences against elderly men and women.

In 2001, a tip-off alerted the police to him. But the police – get this – searched their own databases and found that he has already been eliminated from the enquiry. Still, they did knock on his front door, just in case they’d made an error. But he wasn’t there. And they never came back.

Here’s the case in photos:


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