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Sian O’Callaghan: Beware The Mini Cab Driving Rapist

by | 27th, March 2011

SIAN O’Callaghan: the mini-cab rapists; Melanie Hall imprisoned for seven years (?); Chris Halliwell trusted with boss’s daughter; and a second body is found.

The NoTW (front page): “I moved Sian’s body”

DOUBLE murder suspect Chris Halliwell MOVED Sian O’Callaghan’s body fearing cops were on to him, we can reveal today.

Did you notice the word “suspect”. Halliwell has yet to be charged with murder.

UPDATE: Chris Halliwell has been charged with the murder of Sian O’Callaghan. He is due to appear before magistrates in Swindon tomorrow.

Under cover of darkness, cabbie Halliwell went back to the grim scene to recover tragic Sian’s corpse. He then dumped her at a second hiding place, a police insider told us.

Why would a police insider say anything when the investigation is ongoing?

And when Halliwell was arrested he turned to officers and asked: “How did you catch me? Was it the gamekeeper?”

The paper says Sian O’Callaghan was “half naked” but had not been sexually assaulted.

In other news. Det Supt Fulcher added:

“During interviews he indicated that he killed a young woman at some point between 2003 and 2005. He could not be specific about dates or the year but did give the exact location of the body. He told me a young woman had been taken by him from the Swindon area.”

Who could it be? Well, get this from the Daily Record:

Police also confirmed they had been in contact with officers hunting the killer of Melanie Hall, who disappeared in 1996 from a nightclub in nearby Bath.

And was kept prisoner for 7 years before being murdered?

In the Mail, we hear more of Mr Halliwell:

Up until three years ago Halliwell held a contract with computer chip giants Intel Corporation – whose UK head office is in Swindon – to ferry senior staff to and from Heathrow Airport. Ray French, whose company Chauffeur Driven Car Hire used Halliwell, said he was recommended by other drivers. ‘He was polite, reliable and hard-working. ‘I would have trusted him with my own daughter,’ said Mr French, 66.

In the Independent, Katy Guest spreads the fear:

Our hearts sank, then, when police who were looking for the missing Swindon woman, Sian O’Callaghan, whose body has now been found in Gloucestershire, called for sightings of a green Toyota Avensis “with taxi markings”…

A couple of years ago, a scam was discovered whereby drivers were registering their cars as private hire vehicles in order to avoid paying the London congestion charge. For an £82 registration fee, followed by £27 a year, any clever driver could have that all-important Transport for London (TfL) roundel stuck to his windscreens, front and back…

Wonder what John Worboys think of mini cab rapists? There is no indication that Sian O’Callaghan was raped. And we know that the victim knew Halliwell. Or as the Indy’s headline puts it:

Katy Guest: The markings on a taxi don’t mean a thing
– Women in cabs need to trust the driver, not the livery

Er, yes. As we say, Miss O’Callaghan knew Halliwell. But, still, if the papers can increase the fear, they will…

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A woman shows her emotion as the police van containing Christopher Halliwell arrives at Swindon Magistrates Court.

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