Anorak News | Berlusconi Hires George Clooney To Play Him In Sex Trial TV Footage

Berlusconi Hires George Clooney To Play Him In Sex Trial TV Footage

by | 30th, March 2011

THE sex trial of Italian septuagenarian Silvio Berlusconi welcomes Cristiano Ronaldo and George Clooney.

Berlusconi is the despot who stands accused of, while not being as big as Hosni Mubarak and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and fucking entire countries, nonetheless shagging enough locals to be noticed.

Clooney and Ronaldo are on a list of 78 witnesses named by the prime minister to defend him against charges of sex with under-aged prostitute Karima el-Mahroug. Berlusconi is also accused of using and abusing his position to intervene on Mahroug’s behalf when she was detained by police on suspicion of theft.

Says Clooney, humbly:

“It seems odd, since I’ve only met Berlusconi once and that was in an attempt to get aid into Darfur.”

We are not sure why Berlusconi has called such starry names to his side, but the assumption is that the old stager wants the trial to be filmed. Ronaldo will play him in flashbacks and action shots while Clooney will strand in the dock as Mr Silvio while the great man sits among the jurors, singing bawdy love songs and offering anyone open to offers a bunga bunga…


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Noemi Letizia, a girl from Naples, was gifted a gold necklace priced about €6,000 by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi recently on her 18th birthday party held at a luxury villa in her hometown. “It was a lovely surprise to see the man I call papi (daddy) at my party. I call him papi but of course he is second to my father. He gave me a lovely necklace as a present.” Noemi thrilled. According to the Italian blog, Noemi Letizia is a former Miss Tirreno and owns a cosmetics shop. Noemi’s father Benedetto Letizia is a businessman who befriended with Silvio Berlusconi. The above-mentioned site also said he is a municipal employee of Naples. Silvio Berlusconi, 72, also signed a photograph of himself for Noemi Letizia as well as a book in which he had written a goosebumps-raising dedication to her saying: ‘To my little Noemi, my little graphic artist, your little daddy teacher.” Apparently, Veronica Lario, Berlusconi’s wife, was not happy with this. In an email to the news agency ANSA, Lario criticized her husband for attending Noemi Letizia’s birthday party, saying “that really surprised me because he has never come to the 18th birthday parties of any of our (three) children despite being invited.”

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