Anorak News | Man With Scales Had Sex With Seven Sheep

Man With Scales Had Sex With Seven Sheep

by | 31st, March 2011

TO Ghana, where Kwaku Amable is guilty of having sex with seven sheep.

Well, you beckon one and they all follow…

The 36-year-old is sentenced to 36 months choky.

As for the crime:

At about midnight on March 25, the complainant was awoken by the bleating of one of the sheep in a pen compelling him to find the cause.

Adamu approached the pen with a flash light and saw a pair of bathroom sandals at the entrance as well as a towel hanging on the pen.

He became more curious and when he entered it, he detected that one of the sheep was lying down weak and upon examination found out that some whitish fluid was lodge in its vulva.

Adamu became astonished and decided to look round to ascertain who might have entered the pen and to his surprised, the light fell on Amable, who was hiding in his backyard garden naked.

And the scales? What about the scales? Any sheep fetishists want to explain?

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