Anorak News | Green Dick Smith Wants Australian Families Limited To Two Children

Green Dick Smith Wants Australian Families Limited To Two Children

by | 31st, March 2011

DICK Smith is on an”anti-growth crusade“. Dick Smith is in favour of less humanity for a greener planet. And because he’s rich, we need to listen to him. How did he get rich? Why, he’s Dick Smith founded a small electronics retailer Dick Smith Electronics.

In 1983 Smith published the book The Earth Beneath Me, the story of his solo helicopter flight around the world. He does a lot of flying.

Says Dick, champion of selling stuff to people:

In September 2009, my youngest daughter, Jenny, phoned me and said, “dad, they are all talking about human induced climate change, and they’re all going off to Copenhagen.  Why don’t they talk about the ‘elephant in the room’”.  I said, “Jenny, what’s that?”.  She said, “population!”.

The instant she said the word, it was almost as if a light was turned on in my head.  Within seconds I realised how stupid I had been.  Here we were talking about problems which are facing our planet, but people weren’t talking about the most obvious problem – too many people.  I knew that we had something like 6.7 billion people in the world, and this was predicted to go to over 9 billion by 2050.  But I’d never actually linked that with a great many of the problems we have in our world.

To Dick, humanity is like a “plague of locusts“. We are the human virus. Humanity will not be destroyed from without but from within.

EVERY Australian family should be limited to just two children to curb the population explosion, millionaire Dick Smith said yesterday.

He called for a China-like quota on the number of kids, warning the growing burden on our resources was like “a plague of locusts”…

“I don’t see it by force. I see it by saying to parents, ‘It’s best to have two kids’…”

We do not need to grow. We do not need to progress. We do not need to make more babies because we do not need them. For instance, we don’t need electronic goods and helicopters.

Anyhow, here’s some more news on Smith:

HE has a holiday house, a farm with a homestead, a large house with a swimming pool, two cars, a steam train and all that owning three separate households entail. He’s very open, but for some reason refuses to confirm just how many aircraft he owns; there are at least two helicopters and a jet.

Can we all agree that two aircraft per family is enough? Don’t make it law – just raise your eyebrows and clack your tongue quite hard when someone uses three at once.

Dick Smith has three children.

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