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Fukushima: How The Media Learnt To Love Nuclear Power

by | 1st, April 2011

THE media plutonium lovers are out in force as the Fukushima nuclear plant sizzles on – plainly an awful lot of people have skipped the brain-enriching spinach diet. The Sun’s Jeremy Clarkson would be happy to have a nuke built in his underpants (plenty of space available for it, then) while the Guardian columnist and secular goddess (in a personal capacity) Suzanne Moore dismisses concerns about the nuclear option by lamenting the number of deaths in mines.

To this point I would just say: one is local, the other potentially global, in its effects. We all know this. And I for one am not prepared to take that risk just so I can bung oven chips in the microwave.
Saddest of all is nuke-adoring Lewis Page, son of ‘distinguished journalist’ Bruce, who appears to think a blast of radioactivity is no more a hindrance to a long life than a spray tan. He’s under the impression that the Fukushima situation is ‘winding down’ as employees sport happily and healthily in radioactive pools before tucking into the elixir of glowing sushi. I wonder where he gets his information from. The Onion?

The Guardian’s George Monbiot also would have us believe in a nuclear future – on pragmatic grounds. And yet in 2006 he gave the nuclear industry this rousing vote of confidence:

‘”I despise and fear the nuclear industry as much as any other green: all experience hath shown that, in most countries, the companies running it are a corner-cutting bunch of scumbags, whose business originated as a by-product of nuclear weapons manufacture.”

I await his report on how leopards have changed their spots.

Meanwhile, Prof Brian Cox’s science-adoring wife Gia Milinovich tweets hysterically to her 11,000+ followers on Twitter that she can’t bear to watch the news because journalists are making a great fuss about nothing over Fukushima.

I take it neither the Coxes nor any of the above or their over-represented like-minded media peers will be holidaying in Tokyo this summer.

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