Anorak News | Glee’s Ryan Murphy Apologises For World’s Wettest Feud With Kings Of Leon

Glee’s Ryan Murphy Apologises For World’s Wettest Feud With Kings Of Leon

by | 5th, April 2011

UNBELIEVABLY there’s been bad blood between Glee creator Ryan Murphy and Kings of Leon. A feud ensued between the two, looking for all the world like a battle royale involving butterflies and sleeping voles.

So pathetic was this feud that Gwyneth Paltrow was the mediator. Imagine a world where the wife of Chris Martin is an adequate referee between sparring foes. Imagine that, all toothless with a spine made from runny jelly.

Well, the good news for those of us worried that this may actually break out into the most weedy fight in human history, with Murphy threatening to gently nip the various member of stadium turd vendors, Kings of Leon, ’til they nearly mouthed ‘ow’, is that the Glee cheese is coming out and saying sorry.

Murphy says:

“I didn’t speak with as much clarity as I would have liked. Who am I to say ‘F**k you?’ That’s not what I meant. I completely understand when artists don’t want a show or another artist to interpret their songs. In fact, I respect it. It’s their personal work and I’d feel the same way. We get turned down all the time and I don’t fight it or even go back after a rejection.”

Unclenching his tiny little whitened fists, he continued:

“I’ve never felt that if you don’t give Glee your music, there’s something diabolical about you. To the contrary: I support artists and what they choose to do…I think Kings of Leon are cool as shit. The Foo Fighters are brilliant. We’d love to do one if their songs, if they were ever interested. But if it’s not their thing, then OK. I personally wish them luck and will still listen to their music.”

Jesus. The kiss of death in full action.

Now, we can all hold our collective breath to see if Kings of Leon come out with arms outstretched, ready to give Ryan a big ol’ baptist hug and kiss him directly on the lips to say all is forgiven, before taking the cast of Glee on tour with them, ready unveiled a nuclear bomb of pop (impressive, even if magnificently horrifying) of the combined forces performing a 15 minute version of ‘Sex On Fire’.

Cut your ears off in preparation.

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