Anorak News | Victoria Beckham Tackles Grief Head-On After Pram Tragedy

Victoria Beckham Tackles Grief Head-On After Pram Tragedy

by | 6th, April 2011

OUR world is a frightening and relentlessly cruel place. Each time a decent and talented person like Victoria Beckham tries to take one step forward in this crushing, unloving planet of ours, there’s something unimaginably horrible to make her inconsolable with grief, making her question her will to stay alive.

The latest tragedy to befall Posh will leave you, dear reader, with a palpable sense of injustice in the world.

The fact is, Beckham is reportedly “inconsolable” after finding out that the pram she wanted has sold out worldwide. Don’t worry – we’re setting up a helpline as you digest this human catastrophe.

According to some newspaper who invariably doesn’t link to sites it steals articles from, so we won’t do them the same honour, the former Spice Girl pouter had every hope and dream crushed when she tried to buy a pram.

Victoria had her heart set on buying a limited edition iCandy Apple (retailing at the hilarious price of £1,100).

However, poor ol’ Victoria couldn’t find one anywhere! And no-one can say she didn’t try either! Why? She spent an astonishing nine-hours searching for one.

Some source with nothing better to do with their time, said:

“Now that Victoria knows she’s having a girl, she is having fun hand-picking suitably girly accessories. She wants to be almost ironically over-the-top pink when it comes to dressing her daughter.

“She spent last Saturday in LA going undercover in a big hat and sunglasses, rooting through top department stores and children’s shops, trying to locate her dream buggy.”

Here comes the awful bit of the story where you’ll feel like you want to die with sorrow.

“When she had no joy, she spent hours online, even going on eBay, trying to find the thing. Victoria was inconsolable and David spent much of the evening trying to cheer her up and find alternative options. But still Victoria has her heart set on the grape iCandy.”

Good thing the future disappointment isn’t actually born yet.

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