Anorak News | The Beast Of The Bridgewater Mercury: Turtlepig Rocks Somerset

The Beast Of The Bridgewater Mercury: Turtlepig Rocks Somerset

by | 7th, April 2011

SOMERSET’S Bridgewater Mercury reports on a crowd gathered at Town Bridge in Bridgwater on Monday afternoon to check out an unidentified object.

Coral Pople provides the money quote:

“I’ve been here for 45 minutes. Everyone was saying it was a turtle – but it looks more like a pig to me.”

From where we’re standing it looks like a kebab. Others have opinions:

pigs float so I don’t think its one of those. Pigs are lighter than water I saw a program about it on Sky3


There was a dead sheep in there the other day, maybe its that


no thats in langport now. I saw it at the weekend. It was definely dead. No breathing.


if it was a pig then it will just be left just like the cow last year


It was Yeovil Town’s former player Warren Patmore.


I’ve just got off the phone from my dad. He works at Toddington Marine Biology Center. He has been in touch with the police because it looks like this is a dolphin. When dolphins are in heat, they shed their skins to allow for closer sexual contact, hence the strange colour. Unfortunately, it looks like this has died during copulation


it’s really quite cute, so i think it might be a seal. or one of them sea lions.


‘Julie Benson, from Taylors Barbers, said he thought the object was a stone’


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