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Students Conquer The Everest Of Toilet Paper Folding

by | 8th, April 2011

“IT was hard, backbreaking work. It’s like Mount Everest. Of course we had to try.”

Those are the modest words of James Tanton, a maths teacher at St. Mark’s School, who along with a group of 15 students claims to have folded 13,000 feet of toilet paper in half 13 times. Tenzing. Hillary. Tanton. That is the pantheon of they who dared and did.

The expedition in finding new ways to pack enough toilet paper for a expeditionary trip to Manchester’s Curry Mile was carried out at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with advice supplied by the MIT origami club, OrigaMIT.

But there is controversy. Says Jason Ku, president of OrigaMIT:

“However, their ’13th fold’ was debatable in that it could not stand on its own without considerable support. I am told that they will be trying this project again in the future with about twice as much paper, which I believe should result in success.

Twice as much paper?! Look out Nepal! The Americans are coming!

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