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Illegal Death Crash Driver Aso Mohammed Ibrahim Escaped Iraq To Make The UK More Dangerous

by | 8th, April 2011

PAUL Houston has left the Royal Courts of Justice, having lost his latest bid to deport Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, the failed asylum seeker who killed his 12-year-old daughter Amy in a hit-and-run. The Court of Appeal rejected his case. Amy was his only child.

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, 33, an Iraqi Kurd who was serving a driving ban when he drove into Amy Houston in Blackburn, Lancashire, and left her to die dying under the wheels of his car in Blackburn. That was 2003. He had been marked for deportation.

Ibrahim did serve time for Amy Houston’s death. He was jailed for four months. But when he was released from jail he was allowed – legally – to re-enter British society. In 2009, an immigration judge ruled that he had established a “family life” in this country. After leaving jail, he fathered two children by a British woman.

Paul Houston, of Darwen, Lancashire, has fought for Ibrahim to be deported.

Upon hearing the decision, he said:

“My Lord, what about my right to a family life?”

He later told media:

“The judges had the opportunity to stand up for the hard-working people of this country, the people who pay their wages, and show the world and the country that the Human Rights Act isn’t just about asylum seekers, criminals and terrorists but the average man – but they let me down and didn’t do that.”

The law is there by consensus. But do the majority think what has happened is right? Is it right that q man who left Iraq because it was dangerous came to the UK and made this country a more dangerous place? No. What can be done about it?

David Cameron entered the debate back in December 2010:

My personal response is one of great anger that this is allowed to happen.

“Here we have an Iraqi asylum seeker convicted of an offence that led to the death of a child and yet we are being told that there is no way that this person can be deported to Iraq.

“I think that that is wrong and I very much hope that the UK Border Agency will be able to appeal.”

Would this be the same David Cameron who promised to repeal the Human Rights Act?

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