Anorak News | Did Two Lancashire Six Years Sexually Abuse Five Girls?

Did Two Lancashire Six Years Sexually Abuse Five Girls?

by | 9th, April 2011

A LETTER sent to students’ homes at a Lancashire primary school responds to the local story that five girls have been sexually assaulted by two six-year-old boys.

The Lancashire Evening Post quotes a “worried mum”:

“We only found out this week because a parent of one of the girls involved was leaving the school. We now know that at least five girls were involved and three of those have left. The parents are irate and have asked to speak to the headteacher. What we are hearing at the moment is playground gossip and we don’t know how much is fact and how much is fiction. We have children and that is our main concern.”

We learn that mums and dads are pulling their children out of the schoool – or at least they are thinking about it.

The letter goes like this:

“Dear parents/guardians

It has come to my attention that several rumours have been circulating regarding a sensitive situation that occurred some time ago in our school and I wanted to take the opportunity to reassure you that the well-being of every child in the school is of paramount importance to us.

Any matter of this nature has to be dealt with following our rigorous safeguarding procedures. I can confirm that, in this case, these procedures have been rigorously followed and from the outset we have worked in full consultation with the Lancashire County Council Safeguarding in Education Team and with Children’s Social care (social services).

You will understand that the duty of confidentiality surrounding such issues means that I am unable to discuss any specific circumstances, and I know you will appreciate this fact.

I reiterate that all the children in the school are safe and that we are very much focused on their education and learning.”

So. What’s the truth? Is this a case of alleged bullying that has gotten out of hand..?

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