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Donald Trump’s Hair: A Scientific Study

by | 9th, April 2011

DONALD Trump’s hair. Is it a ambulatory sign of the perils of making an apricot souffle? Is it a work of engineering marvels? Is it an attempt by Trump to stand out? Does Trump crave to be noticed, in much the same way that England and Manchester United’s Bobby Charlton hit upon the idea of wearing a novelty wig over this flowing chestnut locks?

Bruce Handy wonders anew. It’s all about the science::

My baldly-stated thesis: this could be evidence of a rarely-sighted, possibly unprecedented “double comb-over.” It looks as if a length of hair growing from the part on the left side of Trump’s pate has been combed left-to-right over the crown of his head, while a second length of hair, growing from the back of his head, has been combed back-to-front over the first length of hair. Salon-strength hair products likely play a role in the final construction of this lattice-like structure—which could also explain the “ship’s prow” look one sometimes sees in side views of Trump.

To ensure only one was made, the template has been – as legend has it -destroyed…

Spotter: Sullivan

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