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Jemima Khan: Why Is A Minted Socialite Editing The New Statesman?

by | 11th, April 2011

THE divine newspaper columnist Suzanne Moore has made her thoughts known on the topic of Jemima Khan guest editing the current issue of the New Statesman. As a former writer on the little-read publication, who departed amid some acrimony, she’s entitled. Suzanne has no personal beef with the fragrant Jemima but does wonder on a social network site, slyly, whether the magazine may ‘walk the walk on social mobility.’

By this I assume she means: when will the left-wing organ open up the editorial floodgates to talents who are not the spawn of very famous rich families and/or international socialites with a lot of crawly friends? Suzanne speculates aloud whether Peaches Geldof might succeed Jemima (next time editor and former Durannie Jason Cowley fancies undertaking some Big Society work).

I must say Jemima wins the Madame Arcati Award for Self-Promotion. Just about every piece she either wrote or commissioned was pushed on Twitter – I adore the musk of ambition and cannot criticise the poppet. Thanks to Jemima we now know that Nick Clegg blubs to music; though student face-readers will have already discerned the moany cry-baby countenance in repose. In May he will be crying an awful lot, alas.

Now that Jemima has reminded us that non-editors tend to do a better job than editors as editors, may I suggest that Suzanne Moore be invited to guest edit an edition of the New Statesman in the not too distant future. Her brief reign would be a reminder of what this magazine once stood for – and exemplify the meritocracy Mr Clegg now espouses (without a mandate, natch).

PS: Helen Lewis, assistant editor of the New Statesman, tweets me: ‘Well, I worked with her [Jemima] on it, and thought she was lovely (and brought in great articles). You can quote me on that!’

PPS: Another tweet: mailto:’tlcSW7@Madame_Arcati re guest ed “it was an ironic move in a week when the gov’t announced an end to upaid internships for the rich”‘

Suzanne Moore tweets: ‘My issue with Jemima is not at [all] personal. She did a good job .It is entirely political. I want jobs to go to unemployed talents.’ – MA

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