Anorak News | Cake-Munching Undertakers Leave Corpse In A Supermarket Teacup Storm

Cake-Munching Undertakers Leave Corpse In A Supermarket Teacup Storm

by | 13th, April 2011

IN search of outrage, we hear of the three undertakers who “left a corpse in a coffin in supermarket car park – while they went in the cafe for a cup of tea.”

The SWNS report is accompanied by a photo of two tight-lipped women with arms akimbo. They are Karen Plant, 53, and her daughter Liz, 28. They “were so shocked they stormed into the cafe and confronted the undertakers”.

Anorak wonders if storming into a supermarket to accost undertakers is in itself offensive. What happened to doffing one’s cap and keeping a respectful silence?

The report goes on to indentify Liz as a “community nurse”, a profession that may cause her to realise more than most that when the patient is dead they are past caring about waiting around. Says she:

“It was shocking. I stormed over to their table and told them I thought they were being incredibly disrespectful. They said they had been travelling from Salisbury in Wiltshire for three hours for a funeral that day and needed to use the toilet, but they were sat down drinking tea and eating cake which made it even more disrespectful.”

Indeed, the repsectful meal is a snorter of whiskey and a small crustless finger sandwich – unless you are Old Mr Anorak’s older cousin Marmaduke, in which case the preferred send off is one last lap dance and a meal of stuffed armadillo and treacle sponge…

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