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Anti-War Dolphins Want You Off Their Land

by | 14th, April 2011

IN Australia, the dolphins want humans off their land. An old navy frigate HMAS Adelaide has been scuppered off the NSW coast. but befopre it went down with no hands, the experts arrived:

Protesters are cheering a pod of dolphins interrupting plans to scuttle HMAS Adelaide for a dive wreck, attributing their presence to a local Aboriginal elder.

Go on:

The elder, Lila Kirby, performed a whale calling ceremony on Sunday which she said brought the dolphins to Avoca Beach, on the NSW Central Coast.

“Now it’s up to the dolphins,” Ms Kirby told reporters.

“They’re making their statement, I’ve got nothing to do with it now.”

“I’ve let them go to do what they want to do. This is their turf and this is their land.”

We allow the dolphins to do their own work at our bidding? Don’t dolphins want to play at battleships..?

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