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Minted Hugh Grant And Jemima Khan Rescue The New Statesman

by | 14th, April 2011

EVEN the ancient legend that is Madame Arcati finds herself astonished. I thought I’d heard and seen it all. Hugh Grant – yes, the man who is the current incarnation of British movie upper class cock-cunter – has saved the New Statesman. His naughty article on how he stitched up a former News of the World hack (see previous post) on illegal phone hacking in the Murdoch empire is now trending on Twitter. This is thanks to the feature going online (not from purchase!) – drawing in tens of thousands of new readers and reinventing the magazine in the process.

The mag now understands that celebrity power is its future, particularly since it is Stephen Fry who’s leading the battle tweet (with a link to the mag that doesn’t work). I tweeted first, natch. Also, countless people now know of the skulduggery at the Screws even though much of Hugh’s nuggets are not new.
And all this occurred on guest editor and socialite Jemima Khan’s watch. Frankly, if you haven’t done a Hello! spread, just fuck off. Celebrities’ low carbon spotlights make a spectacle of everything adjacent. NS ed Jason Cowley must stand down in favour of Jemima. Now. She can make him travel or beauty ed or whatever. Keep him ‘appy, as they mispronounce in northern soaps.

BJ (Before Jemima), the NS squeaked. AJ, it roars. I do not recommend a BJ situation.

Now, it is true I ran a very rude piece about Jemima only the other day. But part of my function is to fill the sails of the zeitgeist so that we may journey forth. Suzanne Moore was right to highlight the total neglect of editorial low-class urchins without a job or famous parent. Jason was right to bring in Jemima. This paradox must not cause us sleepless nights. Jemima can be installed and she will hire more under-privileged urchins.

Problem solved.

PS My thanks to the New Statesman‘s Helen Lewis and Duncan Robinson for giving me the precise figure of Hugh Grant hits on the NS website: ‘A lot’.

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