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Spotify Puts The Squeeze On Its Free Users

by | 14th, April 2011

If you like music chances are you are all over Spotify. The brilliant service enables you to stream, well practically any album of worth that has been released in the last fifty years. However if you are using the free version of the service (the paid for one has no ads interrupting the music and you can listen to the music on mobile phones too) your listening is about to curtailed.

On a blog post Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has outlined some changes to the free service. They include cutting the amount of free listening to ten hours a month and limiting the number of plays of a certain song to just five per month. The changes will come in for most people at the end of April.

So will this push you into paying £10 a month for the full site? Or is back to YouTube and dodgy downloads? let us know in the comments.

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