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The Royal Wedding Is For Conformist Idiots: So Says The Liberal Elite

by | 14th, April 2011

THE Royal Wedding is but days away, and with Kate ‘Dodi’ Middleton is the front runner to marry Prince William and save us all from a President for at least another generation.

Others, however, think the monarchy is a joke they can see through. Guardian columnist Tanya Gold want to show us that she knows what you are too stupid to realise:

“I am going to be tried for saying this, but a royal wedding will make idiots of us Brits.”

What it is to be superior to the dolts who buy plates and mugs (how apt). They have no idea that the plate is just a bit of china with a photo stuck on it. Good that the liberal intelligentsia can point out their flaws and call them idiots. Hang the fact that the wedding is harmless froth, a bit of fun that look good on the telly and in your street, if you are inclined to hang out bunting and enjoy yourself. You’re all mentally negligible fools. The smart option is to spend the day sneering publicly, recycling and telling your pals that you are not watching the wedding.

Jonathan Freedland told his Guardian readers that the wedding was a “handy distraction from the economic gloom and spending cuts that are due to bite in the early months of 2011”.

Once again the elite are in the know. They alone can see that the truth. You, the idiot, have no idea that as you watch the wedding, you are not watching the Government talk about the economy or greenhouse gases. But Freedland and his ilk are not so easily fooled.

The Independent sat itself on a pedestal as big as its head and led a debate at editorial level about how to cover the wedding. An election for a head of state to clasp hands and talk pap would generate reams of debate and words. But the chance to see the future King marry what should be the mother to his successor is a matter of self-congratulatory preening about how clever you are to ignore it.

And it’s not about supporting a republic. It’s just about not supporting the wedding by watching it.

The Indy readers and the likes of Gold scream that will not conform. No, sir. Only, they sound very much alike. The conformist media viewpoint is that the liberal elite are smart to ignore the wedding, while you – the ordinary, bovine, slack-jawed masses – are thick.

Brian Reade of the Daily Mirror claimed:

“The biggest beneficiary of Prince William’s forthcoming nuptials is the Cabinet.”

How clever he is. We were lumbering along in the belief that the day was about William and Catherine., and most sentient people were pretty happy for them and wished them well…

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