Anorak News | Postman Filmed Pooing In Man’s Garden: Package Delivered

Postman Filmed Pooing In Man’s Garden: Package Delivered

by | 16th, April 2011

TAKING a poo in someone’s garden is, I think we can agree, rarely if ever the done thing. Children can get away with it, so too pets – especially birds and massive angry dogs – but adult humans defecating on your lawns is pretty much not on.

So, when Don Derfler, of Portland, Oregon, saw a postal worker delivering a package to his shrubs, he grabbed hold of his camera and took a photo. Says he:

“He started pulling his pants down and started defecating and at that point I grabbed my camera and started to take pictures.”

A US Postal Service spokesman apologises:

“We’re taking this very seriously and I really want to apologize to our customers and to the public. I’ve worked for the Postal Service for many years and have never heard of an incident like this and I hope I never do again.”

The mail delivery man has been identified and suspended for his job.

But who with a lentil curry in their tummy and a care in their heart cannot sympathise with the man? Of course, pooing in public and in a stranger’s garden is wrong, but what were Postman Pat’s options? Anorak is inclined to view the matter as not a comment on Mr Derfler and this flora but, rathter, a damning statement on the condition of toilets at the Post Office depot and public conveniances in general…

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