Anorak News | Syria Bans The Demontrations Is Now Allow: Assad Wins Doublespeak Awards

Syria Bans The Demontrations Is Now Allow: Assad Wins Doublespeak Awards

by | 17th, April 2011

THE UN Human Rights Council-friendly Syria is making great strides in reforming the State. President Bashar al-Assad has made a terrific statement on the telly. Enjoy this:

The last law proposed within this package made by the committee is allowing for people to demonstrate. The Syrian constitution allows for demonstrations, but we do not have a law which regulates the process of demonstrating. This process is a challenge to the police because they are not prepared for such things. That’s why the police should be adequately prepared and supported by personnel and equipment. There might be a need for restructuring the police in order to cope with the new reforms. One of the tasks of the police is to protect demonstrators and at the same time protect other individuals and public and private property from any attempt at sabotage or undermining people’s security.

Pause. And now get this:

When this package of laws is passed, there will no longer be a need to organize demonstrations in Syria. What will be immediately required of the relevant bodies, particularly the Ministry of Interior, is to implement the laws strictly and rigorously and not to tolerate any act of sabotage.

The time to demonstrate how a dictatorship works may already have passed…

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