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Why The Guardian Is Happy To Look Down On Gawker

by | 18th, April 2011

JOHN Naughton explains the Guardian’s prejudices and why Gawker does it better. See if you can read this and spot the Guardian pandering to its own readers’ bias?

Among the phenomena he [James Fallows] examined were the relentless trivialisation implicit in soundbite politics, the obsessive insistence that every political issue – no matter how complex – has only two sides and the tendency to treat every political controversy as if it were a football game and every election a horse race. But, en passant, Fallows also highlighted an equally disturbing trend – towards market-driven news: that is, news agendas that are driven not by some professional assessment of what’s important and relevant, but by research into what viewers like and respond to. Put crudely, such an approach leads to news programming that plays down politics and economics in favour of coverage of crime, celebrity and sport. News-U-Like, as it were.

Did you see? The Guardian has its mind on higher things. It only writes about celebs and reality TV to dismiss it and expose it as stuff of the idiotic classes.  The Guardian is your guiding angel, telling you what is important stuff is and helping you to dismiss the bits you do not need. Yep – it’s just like every other media organ, only more conspicuously self-conscious…

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