Anorak News | Charlie Sheen To Go To Court While Denise Richards Babysits

Charlie Sheen To Go To Court While Denise Richards Babysits

by | 20th, April 2011

ISN’T it great that Charlie Sheen is still hauling his lumbering, near-dead frame around while muttering memes and such, in an attempt to get us to shower him with that thing he craves more than money – attention.

So needy is Charlie Sheen, that he’s probably started advertising for stalkers on top of the intern, which is most likely going to be some pneumatic blonde with a surgeon’s bosom.

However, Sheen wants to bring his kids up right, amongst the adult actresses, suitcases of drugs and people crying in cupboards. That’s why he’s taking his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, to court in an attempt to get custody of his twin sons.

And while he’s in the court house, he fully intends to sue the people behind awful sitcom Two And A Half Men for $100 million. He’s a lovely, sane, stable chap isn’t he? You’ll remember that we wrote about Mueller going to rehab, which presumably, Sheen will use against her. Of course, Sheen doesn’t need rehab because he simply closed his eyes and shouted “I’VE FIXED MYSELF! LOSERS! WINNING! BYE! COME TO MY IMMINENT TOUR!”

While all this is going on, dead-eyed Sheen ex, Denise Richards, has said she’ll look after the twins while everyone around them fights like pigs in a cloth sack.

That’s be Denise Richards who conducted a smear campaign against Sheen. That’d be the same Denise Richards who reportedly chucked a laptop from a balcony which hit an 80 year old woman square in the face.

These twins don’t stand a chance do they?


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