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Peter Andre Didn’t Hump Elen Rivas While His Children Watched

by | 20th, April 2011

PETER Andre is a modern day saint. Think about it. He had sexual relations with Katie Price so no-one else had to. He really took one for the team while Jordan fell on the metaphorical sword.

Of course, Price went off with Alex Reid, attracted to his womanly frame and the fact that he was so dumb that he couldn’t spot that he was nothing more than bait to make Peter Andre jealous. This saw Andre crying on Sky News at the hands of the monster that is Kay Burley.

Then, secretly, Pete started going out with Elen Rivas. Sadly for him, everyone had kinda guessed it already.

About the fact he was keeping this relationship a secret, Andre says:

“I never let them see Elen and I in bed together, not ever.”

This sentiment implies that he did allow his children to watch him in bed with Katie Price, which is a frankly terrifying thought. Even adults who have seen the atrocities of war wouldn’t want to subject themselves to seeing Peter Andre thrashing around his king sized bed.

“It was a big thing for me to go public with that relationship, and I was careful not to let the children see anything they shouldn’t.”

“As far as they were concerned, Elen was a friend.”

A friend who would slope off to daddy’s bedroom, giggling like a schoolgirl and muttering insults about Katie Price? Either way, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Peter Andre feels proud enough to tell us all that he hasn’t been dry humping women while his children looked on, bewildered.

Dad of the year!


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