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Police Are Stealing Phone Data

by | 21st, April 2011

THE Cellebrite UFED Physical Pro is a machine that allows the Michigan State Police (the force has five such devices) to “extract deleted mobile device data, user passwords, file system dumps, and physical extraction from GPS devices”.

In short, the police can rip off your private stuff at the flick of  a switch.  The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan has used a freedom of information request to find out how, when and why these devices have been used.

MSP claimed that the cost of retrieving and assembling the documents that disclose how five of the devices are being used is $544,680. The ACLU was then asked to pay a $272,340 deposit before the organization could receive a single document.

So. The police will not tell the people how they are using devices unless lots of money is handed over.

You want freedom? You can’t handle freedom…

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