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How Journalism Works: Richard Littlejohn, Tim Walker And A Mike Yarwood Impression

by | 21st, April 2011

HOW journalism works, as illustrated by Richard Littlejohn and an impressionist:

Tim Walker, 17 Apr 2011 – Daily Telegraph:

Just as Mike Yarwood, an acclaimed impersonator of Harold Wilson in his day, never really appeared to get over Margaret Thatcher’s election as prime minister, Rory Bremner is suffering at the hands of the Coalition…

Happily, however, he has a stage tour coming up, but Andrew Lansley, the health secretary who has been much in the news recently, looks unlikely to be included among the impersonations. “I just spent the last three weeks perfecting Lansley and that looks like it was a complete waste of time,” he sighs. “In fact I’m going to his leaving party now. It’s a surprise party – well, it’s a surprise for him anyway.”

Richard Littlejohn, April 20, 2011 Daily Mail

My sympathies are with Rory Bremner, who says he is having an enforced sabbatical from television.

Just as Mike Yarwood’s career nose-dived when Harold Wilson departed the scene, so Rory is struggling to survive the demise of New Labour…

Any impression Littlejohn can imagine Yarwood trying?

How do you do an impression of, say, Andrew Lansley? And if you did, would anyone recognise it?

He ends, without irony:

There simply isn’t enough material to fill an hour of airtime… As a columnist, I’m having the same problem.

Finally, can Yarwood or Bremner do an impression of Littlejohn, a true original?

If Rory attempted Call Me Dave, could you distinguish him from Nick Clegg — or Piers Morgan, come to that? They’re all men of a similar age, who look and sound the same.

Yep. They all look a lot like the Mail’s columnist.
One size fits all…

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